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Our Solutions

It all starts with a conversation, resulting in a plan.

Problem-solving through
user-focused interface design
and iterative development.

We build responsive websites with a CMS as our default. A website needs to work for everyone on as many devices as possible. Technology changes too quickly to design something for only one device or input method. Remaining flexible and adaptive is tough, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We stay at pace of design and programming trends by always learning. Through great relationships with our clients, we are always learning about them, too. We are likely to proactively suggest new features to existing clients as we learn more and more about them to help them keep pace with their customers.

What We Do

Rinse and repeat.

Still not sure what we do?
We can do it all.

Our mottos is anything is possible, and that can be hard to understand. What we mean is, with enough time (and money), anything that someone can dream up can be built, whether it is a small website for a sensational product or the Next Big Online Experience.

Whatever the project, our core strategies remain the same: ask a lot of questions, design for understanding, focus on the end-user, and iterate often. This works for a simple CMS site; a large, complex system of tools; or a mobile App. Our discovery and planning processes help define the project by defining what a user wants to do with it. With those outcomes in mind, we can plan the path to building them.

Project Evolution works best when we are a partner in your success. We prefer to sit down early in the process and understand the project fundamentally — from there, we help plan phases, help brainstorm new functionality, and ultimately prioritize them according to your budget and timeline. The quicker we can get your project in front of users, the quicker we gain feedback that can make it better.

Hire us to:

Build an entire software project from scratch

Project Evolution will brainstorm, plan, architect, wireframe, strategize content, design responsively, and develop with open-source. The result is a comprehensive solution that will be beautiful, user-friendly and scalable.

Consult for front-end strategy and design

Utilize our strong technical expertise and aesthetics to help your team plan a new project with an intuitive UI and future-friendly responsive/adaptive best-practices.
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Add horsepower to your Django project

Supplement your team with our nimble brains and able hands. Remotely or on-site, as a team or as an individual, PE can help lift your project off the ground faster.
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How We Do It

Open source encourages sharing and collaboration.

We work with open source software because it is the best in the world.

The open source community is a strong network of brilliant people, one which we are proud to be a part of. The collaborative nature of open source software ensures that we are using a product that has had a wide range of use, testing, and expertise put into it. Some of the largest and best-known companies in the world leverage open source as part of their arsenal and proudly feed their new developments back into the community.

Open source software is made to customize, and that furthers our goal to create solutions that are the perfect fit for your business. Our frameworks and libraries give us a head start, and access to a vibrant network of developers often leads us to previously crafted solution that we can tweak to fit our needs. And there are many more reasons why we think open source software is the best in the world…