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This is how we roll… Site Credits & Colophon

Content and design brought to you by the full Project Evolution team. This site was developed mobile-first with inspiration from many, many sources in the design and development community today. Thanks to all.

HTML5 Doctype declared with new HTML5 regions in place. CSS3 utilized with progressive enhancement. Recommendations for valid code from the W3C followed as closely as possible. Open Graph meta tags applied as directed.



Working tools and webdev libraries

CSS Helpers

Front-end Libraries and Tools

Development Helpers

  • Private chatrooms for distributed teams with Hipchat
  • Server deployment recipes with Chef
  • Local server environments with Vagrant
  • Easy jQuery authoring with Coffeescript

Server Stack and Helpers

  • Python-based Django web framework
  • Amazon Cloud hosting
  • HTTP server, reverse proxy, and IMAP/POP3 proxy server with Nginx
  • Web app servers with Gunicorn
  • Process and socket management with Circus
  • Server performance monitoring with Apache JMeter
  • Additional performance monitoring with Tracelytics
  • Log management and analytics with Loggly