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A Blog and Activity Feed Rolled Into One: Evolving Conversations

Hey @newrelic how can we get our nerdy little fingers on some of those #nerdlife stickers? We want to do some sticker bombing!

"To get past our collective prison of self doubt, concentrate on the daily routine of doing what you believe in." http://…

Most of the new python site wasn't me, but @fcurella @webology @jacobian and @pe1999. I just helped finish up a few things FYI!

I think it's safe to say that @DjangoSuit has some new groupies at PE. First time working with it, but so far so good. Well played!

We determined that it would cost us more to support IE7 than it would to buy new computers for clients stuck with it. htt…

Welcome to the office @benspaulding! We are getting ready for a great week with our remote peeps in the PVD office for a nice change.

Instead of "Which CMS are you using?", ask "What needs do our users have?" We're designing & delivering services, not buy…

More Power to the Users

Designers — myself included — tend to love, love, love controlling the user experience. We call it “design”, but it is really a form of control. We anticipate how a user will interact with a website or application, and design/control the way they go from one task to another, find the useful buttons, read the content, etc… Its not so easy to control that experience anymore — or even predict it.

@revsys That's a swell Christmas gift, and a sharp looking one at that! Let us know if there are any tweaks needed in the new year.

Design and Front-end dev peeps! What do y'all recommend for font management on Mac OS? @happycog @BeardedStudio @muledesign @hearsparkbox

Thanks to everyone last night for attending the @pvdUX meet up to talk SASS and why we are drinking our beer wrong. Now enjoy the holiday.

First day at PE for @josiemorway! Welcome, good to have more creative energy onboard.

The keyboards are clacking happily at @pe1999 this morning. #mechanicalkeyboard

"Right now people are interacting with your stuff from a device that didn't exist whenever you created it." ~ @brad_frost…